Banks and Retailers

The ongoing vigilance of the retail and banking industry plays a key role in helping to protect New Zealand’s currency.

To help maintain our strong track record against counterfeiting, the banknotes are being upgraded to introduce the latest security features.

While sophisticated to produce, the new features are designed to be extremely easy to use. You can see them in action on our interactive notes, and the information below provides more detail. The downloads can be used to share the information within your organisation.

Handling the new notes

Our new banknotes will continue to be printed on polymer, offering the same durability as the current series. So handling the new notes shouldn’t be discernibly different to handling the existing ones.

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Using the new security features

There are a number of new and updated features that will help you identify legitimate notes:

  • A ‘rolling bar’ device in the bird graphic
  • Larger clear window, featuring a holographic foil feature
  • Puzzle number forming a small numeral
  • Raised ink on large denomination number.

Find out about all the security features.

When will the new notes begin circulating?

To give the industry time to prepare for the new banknotes, they are being rolled out in two phases:

  • $5 and $10 notes will be released from October 2015
  • $20, $50 and $100 notes will be released from April 2016.

As the current notes pass through the cash handling process, they will be replaced with the new series. We anticipate it will take up to 18 months for all of the current series to be rotated out of circulation.

Both the new and old notes will remain legal tender for the foreseeable future, so you’ll still need to be familiar with the series 6 security features.

Review the series 6 security features.

Dealing with suspicious notes

If you receive a suspect banknote, it’s important to minimise your handling of the note (to help authorities trace the culprit). Store it in a bag or envelope as soon as possible and inform the Police immediately.

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Who produced the new series?

The Reserve Bank conducted a global tender to find a provider to design and produce our new banknotes. The Canadian Banknote Company (CBN) in Ottawa was selected.

Read the full design story here.

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